Trinity has been around for over 125 years. Beginning as an outreach to the Scandinavian community (worship services were originally IMG_1095held in Norwegian, as well as English for many years), Trinity now extends it’s outreach and mission support across the world.

Located between the Frankfort High School and the Frankfort Elementary School (two blocks north of Glen’s Markets see map), Trinity is a growing congregation… in attendance, membership, financial support and most importantly – in outreach to the community.

Our theology is built on the Word of God – the Living Word (Jesus Christ), the Written Word (Scripture), and the Spoken Word (proclaimed in sermons, hymns, prayers and conversation).

Trinity offers a wide-variety of ministries, two worship services each Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 AM, a dinner and worship on Tuesday evenings, and various programs and classes for people of all ages.
Holy Communion is celebrated each week, at all worship services – and is open to all who receive our communion as the gift of God’s grace in the presence of Christ.


The ELCA supports the

Ordination of women,
Strong and clear support of the world’s hungry and persecuted,
Support of people following any suffering of natural disasters,
Adoption of children,
Resettlement of refugees, and
Strong social service support in the community


Membership at Trinity is accomplished through:

Transfer of membership from another Christian congregation, or
Affirmation of faith (you are baptized and would like to join Trinity!)