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Rick Stieve - Pastor


                                        Pastor Rick was born in Dearborn, Michigan.  His parents are Richard and Charlotte Stieve and he has three siblings – older

                                        brother Jeff  and his wife Deb who are in the process of moving to Arizona, younger sister Dawn and her husband        

                                        Mark who live in Berkley, Michigan, and a younger brother Mark and his wife Denise who live near Auburn Hills. 


                                        Rick attended Michigan State University attaining an Elementary Education degree. He then taught at an inner-city

                                        preschool in Lansing, teaching 3 and 4-year olds. Rick attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio and then

                                        received his first call at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Traverse City.  After 4 years in TC, Rick accepted a call to Trinity in    

                                        Frankfort, where he has served for over 28 years.


                                        Rick has two boys, Alex and Tim.  Alex is a social worker and he and his wife Taylor live in Grand Rapids, where Taylor            

                                        works for Meijer Corp.  Tim and his wife AnnMarie live in Portage where they both work for Pfizer.


                                        Rick married Lisa (Packard) in May 2014 and two wonderful daughters came into his life - Shelby (and Will) live in Troy, 

                                        Michigan, and Madison lives with Rick and Lisa in the church parsonage next door to the church.



Lisa Stieve – Music Minister


                                       Lisa June (McMasters) Stieve was born November 12, 1974 in Grants Pass, Oregon. Her parents are Mike and Carol       

                                       McMasters. Her dad was raised in Huntington Beach, CA until sixteen, then moved to Grants Pass where he met Lisa's

                                       mother. Lisa has two younger brothers - Aaron who lives in Tulsa and has three children, and Johnny who lives in Seattle  

                                       and is an artist. 


                                       Lisa's maternal grandparents are Leatha (Seimens) Button and the late Leonard Button, also of Grants Pass.  Her maternal

                                       grandfather worked, as many of the family did, his entire life in the saw mills. Lisa was very close to these grandparents,

                                       having spent two months every summer with them. Lisa names Leatha as a person who has greatly influenced her during 

                                       her life along with her family.


Lisa has two daughters, Shelby and Madison. Shelby works in the communications field and she and Will live in Troy, Michigan.  Madison is a medical assistant and works at Dermatology Associates in Traverse City. 


Lisa has a passion for working with youth and has acquired a wealth of experience in this area. Starting at the age of sixteen Lisa worked after school at the Small World Learning Center with school aged children. After high school she worked for four years as lead teacher for four and five year old preschoolers.  In 2002 Lisa was hired to teach at the Betsie Bay Coop Preschool. During that time she also studied and obtained an Associate Degree in Child Development.


Lisa has been working for Trinity for the past ten-plus years; both as Youth and Family Minister and now as the leader of music for Trinity's Tuesday night worship service. In this capacity, Lisa works with the members of Trinity's Praise Band to provide beautiful and inspiring contemporary music.  Lisa also works for the Frankfort Medical Group at Paul Oliver Hospital (Munson).


Besides her music, Lisa enjoys cooking, swimming, biking and yoga. She has participated in the Traverse City Marathon twice. 

Church Council

The Congregational or Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of Trinity Lutheran Church. 

To that end, the Council is tasked with ensuring Trinity functions in accordance with the Word of God and in the

faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


The Council is comprised of five Officers and nine Coordinators or Committee members as follows:

  • The five officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial secretary.                                                                         Officers are elected by written ballot and serve for one year and not more than three consecutive terms.

  • The nine coordinators include Youth Ministry, Education, Worship, Christian Service, Finance, Property                                                    Management, Evangelism, Congregational Life, Social Ministry and Member-at-Large.  The coordinators are                                                            also elected by ballot and serve for two years and not more three full terms.                                                                                                                 *Council normally meets on the third Monday of each month.

Current Council Members


  • President/Charlie Gregory, Vice President/Paul Luedtke, Secretary/Ann Loveless, Treasurer/Anne Rodey, Financial Secretary/Jane Schwocho, 


Ministry Coordinators:

  • Youth/Open, Education/Open, Worship/Shirley Tranquill, Christian Service/Marilou Schlotterbeck, Finance/Robin Breseman, Property Management/Mark Wilkes, Evangelism/Open, Congregational Life/Jay Larson, Member-at-Large/Tina Noffsinger

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